Term Conditions

Terms Conditions

Products & Services

The website provides the online product through Vedkaal.com. Hence, you are requested to go through the legal terms and conditions of the service before availing the services from the website. Howsoever, if you access the site, we assume that you are abiding by the terms and conditions.

Well, the terms and conditions of the site might get altered and modified with time. Hence, you must go through the terms and conditions of the site each time, you’re availing the service from website.

All the products displayed on the website are deemed as an invitation to offer.Thus, when you place an order for the purchase of product, we consider it as an offer. Thereby, Vedkaal holds the authority to accept or reject your offer.

Thereafter, once the order is accepted, we send the confirmation mail to you which is regarded as the acceptance to your order. But the processing for the contract concludes when you process for the payment. Lastly, the sale and purchase in the website is governed under the law of contract.

Hereto, the website also offers the platform to several affiliates, vendors, merchants, manufacturers, to sell the products online.


As per the provision of Indian Contract Act, 1872, we consider 18 years of age for entering into the legally valid contracts. We assume you as 18 years of age or older. Hence, if you are a minor or below 18 years of age, you must visit the website with involvement of your parent or guardian.

Use of Website

We only promote and advertise the products that are listed and mention on the landing pages of the website except for the third party services and affiliates products and services that are mentioned on the website.

We are not liable for the threats of any kind relating to virus and worms, if you download any file from the website. It is completely your responsibility to assess the accuracy, and correctness of information provided in the website. You attain the complete risk and liability of using the information from the website and internet.


You can go for the payment processing through net banking, debit card and credit card.

Credit Card Details

We expect the details of the credit card provided by you is correct and valid. And we assume that you are the legal owner of credit card. We thereby ensure that the information related to your credit card details is restored and not shared by any third party. Until unless, there’s the demand for legal suit or fraud verification.

Your Information and Privacy Policy

We expect that you are providing correct and accurate information when requested by us. Further, we hold the credibility to use your information as disclosed in the privacy policy.

User Forms

User Forms consists of the chat rooms, forums, and bulletin boards, which are basically the medium for the consumers to share their views and opinions about the product and its related services. Thus, the individual posting on such forms are liable for the truthfulness, accuracy for the content as we don’t hold control over any such content.

Thus, if the content posted is not favorable or inappropriately expressed then we don’t hold the responsibility to correct it. Howsoever, we have the right to edit, delete or remove the message as per our sole discretion. But, yes we can delete the post if the law commands us to remove it or prescribes that the content shared is not in the public interest.