Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy - Vedkaal Life Science Pvt Ltd.

This privacy policy applies to the website,

Our privacy policy aims to protect your personal information. However, as per the changing times, the privacy policy can change from time to time. Thus, it’s recommended that your keep checking the page to find the recent updates about the page.

Definition & Key Terms

Country: The website, is based in India.

Customer: Any individual that signs up with for availing the purchase on the website.

Device: Any device be it mobile phone, laptop, tablet connected with internet connection to reach the is considered as device by us.

IP address: We trace the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your devices precisely to identify the geographical location of device.

Personnel: Those individual who are employed by the or perform the service on behalf of Vedkaal are referred as our personnel.

Personal Data: We collect the data which identifies the information about any natural person.

Service: Herein service refers to the mentioned service offerings in the website.

Third-party service: The sponsors, advertisers, promotional & marketing partners and content creators are associated as the third party services provider for the website.

Website: Our website is

Information We Collect

We collect your personal information at the time of placing of order, subscribing to newsletter, registering to your site, etc.

Howsoever, we collect the basic details pertaining to name, address, contact details, e-mail id, age, demographic information related to pin code, preferences, and location for the order processing purposes.

However, we collect your reviews and insight through the form of customer reviews and surveys. We also collect the information from your mobile devices to provide you with better consumer experience.

Payment Details

The details relating to your credit card and debit card remains safe and confidential with us.

Sharing of Information in terms of Third Party

We might share your personal details and interests to the third party in case of business merger, asset sale and business reorganization.

We might also share your personal information in case of availing the third party services related to e-mail management, credit card processing, customer services, database storage, etc. wherein the purpose of sharing the information to the third party is to enable them perform the services.

We can share your analytical data, IP address, with the web analytics partners,ad networks and application developers for the auditing, researching and reporting purposes. Furthermore, we share your personal and non-personal information for the legal processing or in the safeguard of the public interest if required by the law.

Governing Law

This privacy policy is governed by the Indian Law. Thus, in case of conflict or disputes the rules and regulation of Indian law would be applicable. Whereas the rules governing the privacy policy will also be subject to local, state or national law.

Third Parties Services

We might include third party hyperlinks, data, and information, as third party services. Thereby, use the services and information related to the third party website solely as per your own risk. As we are not liable for their terms and conditions. We don’t hold the responsibility of the third party’s terms and conditions in any aspects of its correctness, accuracy, and completeness, either.